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Integrating Information Technology into Health Education
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IT Health Ed's services are based on on-going research, and feed directly or indirectly into research outputs in Journals, Books and Conference papers. In general, there are two broad areas::
  • Information Technology (IT) Education in the Health Sciences: this deals with issues involved in teaching Health Sciences' students to use IT, and supporting the development and use of online teaching tools and procedures.
  • The use of IT, especially the Internet, by Health Professionals. This focuses on the type of work that the student will need to perform after graduation.

These two areas dovetail at the point of student graduation - the one ensures that we have a detailed understanding of the IT needs of the qualified Health Professional, and the other supplies the tools to meet those needs.

Some of the more recent research outputs include:

  • Masters, K. 2009. Opening the non-open access medical journals: Internet-based sharing of journal articles on a medical web site. The Internet Journal of Medical Informatics. 5 (1).
  • Masters K. 2009. Lupus and lipstick: the industry responds. The Internet Journal of Dermatology. 7 (1).
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  • Masters, K and Ellaway, R*. e-Learning in medical education Guide 32 Part 2: Technology, management and design. Medical Teacher. 30(5): 474-489.
  • Masters, K. 2008. Access to and use of the Internet by South African General Practitioners. International Journal of Medical Informatics. 77 (11): 778-786.
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  • Masters, K. 2008. For what purpose and reasons do doctors use the Internet: A systematic review. International Journal of Medical Informatics. 77 (1): 4-16.
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